Monday, September 13, 2010

who says you can't go home?

My NWH and I have known each other since the 7th grade, we’ve been together since age 17, grew up in the same town, went to the same college and well… now we’re married.

Why the background info?.... well about a month before our big wedding day, NWH got a job offer which would move us to North Alabama. We are native Mississippians but both jumped at the offer to go to a new, exciting place. We also thought this employment opportunity would add to NWH's resume and provide him with valuable experiences.

So…We moved.

Now, 3 months and 6 days later…we are just shy of miserable. Gosh, I hate to say that, but NWH isn’t enjoying his job. I haven’t found work, and we are miles and hours away from the friends and family we love so dearly.

I always thought I could live anywhere! Move me to Los Angeles or New York. I may a southern girl, but I love a big city. Now, having moved away, I am seeing things differently.

Life is built around relationships. If you lose those connections with people and have no one to share fun times with, you really have nothing. NWH and I have each other (thank goodness) but we are “people” people and crave more than that!

I believe everything happens for a reason and everything in life is a learning experience. This move has definitely taught me a lot about myself and life…but I can see another MOVE in the future… this time going back to place we know and love.  Anyway, who says you can't go home?


  1. Having moved many a times due to the Navy I can understand your emotions. Most places I've really enjoyed but living in CT has been difficult. It's not very friendly and people really stick to themselves. They really aren't interested in opening their circle to welcome new members. More times than not I feel like the lonely outsider and dream of the day we will be able to move onto friendlier territory.

  2. Thanks Jo! It really helps to know other people have gone through the same thing. I think about other people all the time. For instance, my brother and his wife have moved several times for work reasons. My sister-in-law has seemed to be fine, but I have no children; I have no job and it's hard to meet people with no outlet. You know??

  3. I hope things will work out for y'all and you can returned home soon. There is, indeed, no place like it.

  4. Gosh when I moved to San Francisco I thought it would be the adventure of a life time. It was great having my brother there and my job was amazing but I was secretly thrilled when I found out I was being laid off because of the economy. Being laid off meant an excuse to come home to the south. It was great having my brother in San Fran but all the rest of my family is here. I had to leave to realize exactly where I wanted to be :)

  5. I felt the exact same way every time I moved too. I moved during freshman year of high school and that was so hard for me, but I promise, if you stick it out a year, things always change for the better. I know they will for you too :] And belated congratulations on your wedding!

  6. Thank ya'll for your encouraging words! I love my followers and love hearing your stories. I feel like a big baby but it sure helps to hear others have gone through the same!

    You're right kLl sometimes you don't know what you're missing until it's gone!

  7. Oh I have so been there- but without the hub even to talk to. My best advice is to join something. Anything. I suggest the Junior League because its all women and you will have projects to work on. Were you in a sorority in college? Find either an alum club or a collegiate chapter and email them to volunteer. Or a church bible study. Or look on Craigslist for groups and meet ups. I've been out to dinner with some odd groups of people but if nothing else, I found something to do for an evening. Do you have a dog? Go for long walks or to dog parks. Dog people tend to be super chatty and friendly. It might not get you a new best friend but it at last lets you feel a small connection to your new city.

    Truth be told, in the five years I;ve lived here, I still do not have a best local friend. And as I am single and know not one other single, I often feel alone. But I keep busy with JL and sorority stuff and that's a great way to talk to someone other than my dog in the evenings. Hang in there sweetie!


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