Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11...we still remember...

I saw this photo on Thrifty Decor Chick's blog at it brought wet tears to my eyes. Really.

As everyone knows, today marks the 9th anniversary of the tragic American event which brought the Twin Towers to the ground and took the lives of 2,819 people.

I was in the 9th grade sitting in my Honor’s Biology class. My two best friends, Lauren and Laura, sat right beside me. Our teacher, preparing for the lesson just inches away, was on the internet. She then bore a look of utter fear. I could tell she was confused, and she finally said…. “There has been a terrorist attack.”

Our head principal came over the intercom moments later and reported that school would continue as a normal academic day. There obviously was nothing NORMAL about this. Teachers and students seemed to be on the same level, talking and discussing fears and emotions.

When 2:30 came my dad picked me up; and when I arrived home, every TV in our house was on Fox News. There I saw the replays, the planes…the tragedy. Though it was so far away, it felt so close.

Until this point in my young 14-year old life I didn’t know what patriotism meant and I sure didn’t know what it felt like.

911 brought on a lot of firsts: I cried and prayed for “America” for the first time. I listened to the lyrics of our National Anthem for the first time. I loved and respected our country for the first time, and for the first time I was truly proud to be an American.
My NWH grandfather co-produced this song, and I cannot think of a better occasion to listen.

I’d love to hear your 911 stories. Where were you? What did it make you feel? Feel free to link me to your 911 post if you do one!

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  1. i was a college sophomore at the university of tn....getting ready for class with the rest of my sorority sisters who lived with me. my dad (who works for the gov't) was touring a federal prison in ohio so i wanted to make sure he was ok. i just remember being so confused and feeling shock. i think it lasted for a long time. i was in ny recently and the wtc site moved me so much. i definitely hold the ones i love closer in times like this.


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