Saturday, September 18, 2010

MIA... with FAB NEWS!!!

O my gosh... I’ve been out of the blog world for two days and I feel terrible!  I have so much to catch up on!  So many comments to post, not to mention how much I missed everyone!!

I do, however, have some pretty fabulous news to share!  The reason I’ve been out of touch is because I took a little trip back to good ol’ Mississippi.

You know my post who says you can’t go home?  Well, I was expressing some of my disappointments to one of my friends (who is also my previous voice teacher, who also sang at my wedding and made my wedding cake, yeah she’s pretty amazing), and she mentioned that there was a children’s music position at her church.  If we did decide to move back, I needed to come and “interview” so the job could be held for me.  So I planned the cutest church music lesson which involved balloons and of course music and headed down the road.  The director offered me the job on the spot!!

While in Mississippi I also had to get a few other IMPORTANT things accomplished like…get my hair done my old hair dresser.  Don’t laugh, we all know how it is to have someone so good and then have to switch.  It’s awful. 

I also had to bring my ring (wedding ring, that is) to my jeweler because the main diamond fell out!  I haven’t told that story yet, I don’t think.  It’s a good one… five words… I- WAS- ON – OUR- BOAT.  Another story for another day.

So last on the to-do list was visit my old office.  I worked at a family dentist practice for two years while I was in college.  At times I hated it, at times I loved it.  But one thing is for sure, they were so good to me!  My office manager was more like a friend and she always took care of her “little girl.”  

As it got closer to the wedding, I was juggling teaching, school, working, job-hunting, wedding, and moving all at the same time.  She never complained and let me have as many days off as I needed.  She’d even bought me happies like massages and pedicures because I needed to relax. (How sweet is that!).  The hygienist, the assistants, and even the doctors were my friends.  When you work somewhere for two years, you just grow to care for your co-workers. 

So you can imagine their excitement when I walked through the glass doors.  They hadn’t seen me since the wedding and were ecstatic!  Of course questions about married life and North Alabama swarmed.  I was honest and told them we loved being together, loved seeing each other every day (when I was in grad school we only saw each other on the weekends), but weren’t so fond of being in a place where we didn’t know anyone. 

Then…one of the doctors came in, closed everyone out, turn up the music, and proposed me a plan to come back to work.  He said he’d pay me X amount of dollars which is just as much as if I were teaching, and he wanted me to start either the 15th of October or the 1st of November.  I kind of had a hint this was coming after talking to my office manager, but I was still totally excited. 

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, yesterday morning I was loading my car to head back to Alabama when my cell phone rang.  Flashing across the screen was one of my old professors.  I answered, asked about his family (I used to babysit for them), and then he told me his reason for calling.  He said there was a music position at one of the local high schools and they needed someone ASAP.  He heard NWH and I might be moving back and told the director all about me.  He gave me the director’s phone number and instructed me to call.  So I did and I have an interview next Wednesday at 11!! 

I can’t believe everything that has happened the past few days.  NWH and I still have a lot of decisions to make, but boy it feels good to have options.  Anyway, please keep me in your prayers (if you pray) as I prepare for the interview.  This would be an awesome job for me.  I not only would start the profession I went to school for,  I’d also have a church job which offers more money and more experience.  UGH…how great is that!!  I'm screaming!!


  1. How exciting that you have so many fantastic options in front of you now!! That's such a great position to be in.

  2. Thanks PPC! I'm super excited. You're always so encouraging.

  3. Wow, when it rains it pours :)This is all so fabulous! I will keep you in my prayers with all these options. Keep us posted.



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