Sunday, September 05, 2010


Okay, so far I’ve only been posting about things “After the I Do”, but I really want
to help any of you out there in the “Before the I Do” stage so let’s talk about one of the most daunting tasks on the pre-marriage to-do list, REGISTERING.

Yes, I know many are thinking who doesn’t love running around a store with a gun shooting everything you could have, want, or dream of; it’s like Christmas on steroids, right?? Well lemme tell ya.. it ain’t easy! In fact, it can become extremely overwhelming.

It’s kind of like you know you’re going get stuck with a bunch of junk you don’t like if you don’t choose everything perfecting. You’re trying to match your bowls to your plates, and your plates to your napkins, ugh.. get what I’m saying???

Well here are just a few tips I would give anyone getting ready to choose their dowry.

1. Only pick items you’ll actually use.

If you and your beau don’t own a king size bed, don’t sign up for king size sheets! Yes NWH and I registered for King Sheets and we both owned Queen beds, don’t ask!

2. Choose appliances that are all the same color and the same brand.

Even though we had no idea where we’d be living when we registered, we selected all stainless (you may like white or black). When we got to our new apt everything looked fab because they all coordinated.

3. Decide on one type of serving or entertainment pieces.

Another boo boo I made was registering for a few copper pieces, a couple wood things and a lot of silver and pewter. In the end that is just what I had.. a little bit of this and a lot a bit of that. I wound up having to return a lot because I didn’t have enough to make a complete set. So just choose one and register for everything in that collection!

4. Finally, take back what you’ll never use, and don’t feel bad about it!

I think this is something me and my NWH did well. We started returning as soon as we received items we had no use for, and that included things we had registered for! You can only use so much pyrex, so bring one back and get the salt and pepper shakers that you don’t have!

I’ve also compiled a list of things that me and NWH use all the freaking time! I can’t imagine life without them!! These should be on EVERYONE’s registry list. Heck, these should be on everyone’s CHRISTMAS list!

Perfect for the dinner table, not too bulky and very classy!

I have to have my coffee!! This Cuisinart not only looks good, it makes a GREAT cup of joe.

I didn't say everything was fancy.  This little thing is on $7.99 and is the best dish mat EVER!! (Not that I hand-wash everything, but the fancy stuff can't be put in the dishwasher, bummer huh?)

One word...Emerilware nonstick (okay two words)

I didn't even know what a mixer was a few months ago!  I do now.

Another appliance by Cuisinart that is both functional and pretty.

Lastly, this bamboo utensil thing is just awesome.  They also make small and larger boxes for your drawer of junk!  Love this thing!!

Okay, I think that is all for now.  Anyone else receive a wedding present they can't imagine life without???

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