Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Word Wednesday: The Proposal

Our proposal story actually began in December of 2008, about three months before we got engaged. NWH and I had been in TN for the holidays visiting MIL (mother-in-law) and J-Man (father-in-law).   One day on our trip we decided to swing by J-Man’s new office. While there I noticed hanging on the wall, a beautifully framed photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge. I commented on the amazing picture and J-Man said that he had taken the photo himself. Raving about the view, I said, “I have to see that!”

After that little remark, J-Man, MIL and NWH booked a trip to visit San Francisco in March for Spring Break.

With months of anticipation behind us, NWH and I, along with J-Man and MIL headed west to the great state of California. We had an early night the Friday we arrived, but woke up Saturday morning refreshed and ready to go.

After coffee at the local Starbucks, the guys split from MIL and me. We girls were ready to do some San Fran shopping while the guys were going to pick up the rental car and check out possible restaurants for the week, (at least that is what they TOLD me.)

After a full day, we all met back at the hotel to freshen up for the evening. NWH and J-May told us they had made dinner reservations at The Spinnaker, a classy spot across the bay. We jumped in the car and were on our way.

The Spinnaker is located in Sausalito, a town that sits adjacent to the city of San Francisco. You can imagine my excitement as we drove; it was my first time across the famous Golden Gate and seeing the grand Pacific Ocean.

Once we were over the bridge, J-Man mentioned that we were a few minutes early for our reservations and suggested that we re-visit the spot where the photograph in his office was taken. Of course I burst with excitement, and we began making our way up the steep coast line.

On top of the hills, J-Man and MIL moseyed off, and NWH walked me to an isolated spot cut out with beautiful shrubs and flowers. I felt like I was standing on top of the world. The magnificent Golden Gate was to my left framing the city of San Francisco while the mighty Pacific waved to my right welcoming in the sunset.

Standing in his arms, NWH began to tell me how much he loved me and how he hoped this trip would be memorable. He said he wanted to bring me to a place that we could return to in future years, a place that would always be. And just like that place would never disappear neither would his love for me.

He then reached in his coat pocket, pulled out a box and got down on his knee. Now at this point I always imagined I would cry; but instead of tears, I SCREAMED! I jumped and shouted, “I’m engaged, I’m engaged!”

(J-Man, MIL, NWH, and Me)

Not only did we have a wonderful candle lit dinner overlooking the sparkling bay, NWH concluded our evening with dancing and celebrating at The Top of the Mark, San Francisco’s legendary 19th floor sky lounge.

How could there be a more perfect proposal!

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