Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Did you EAT it???

So I hate this dreaded topic. Wait, hate is an understatement. Despise loath, scorn, can't stand, can’t bear... Get my drift? WEIGHT!! The only way I like to hear or speak of this term is if LOOSING in front of it!

I’m pretty sure every woman thinks about it constantly UNLESS you’re one of the few who are just born naturally skinny, and the older I get the more I realize that this is probably .5% of the population.

Being in a sorority kind of taught be that. I used to think, “Gosh she is so small, she must be born that way.” Then you become roommates with that small person and realize… nope, she just doesn’t eat anything!

So anyway, it’s not that I’m huge.. It’s just that I am 5’1” and ANY little bit of weight on me causes all my clothes to shrink! Now, I WILL say that the lumps on the back of my legs and butt are beginning to multiply at an alarming rate (something I am attributing to getting older).

I was always pretty small growing up, not tiny, but small. I cheered, played tennis and soccer. Then my junior year of high school came, and I blew up which probably had something to do with puberty. Senior year lost it, gained it back first semester of college (yes, I was a victim of Freshmen 15) and finally lost it again.

I kept it off all through college, don’t know how but I did. THEN grad school came! My future NWH moved back home to work for his family business and I was left all alone going to school, working 24 hours, and evidently eating 4,000 calories a day!

So before the wedding there was only one thing to do… loose it again! I worked out relentlessly, even when I had no time! I would run hours, lift arm weights, do lunges and squats and eat nothing! This went on for about… 5 months… 5 months people and FINALLY the weight came off.

Why am I telling all of this.. because the 5 months of working so hard…went down the after about 8 weeks of marriage. So here I sit, depressed and disgusted.

I’m back on the tread... did 4 miles yesterday. I had a 100 calorie granola for breakfast, a pulled pork sandwich for lunch, and a taco salad (no tortilla) for dinner. Then my oh so loving NWH went to the store and brought me home this….

“Did you eat it?” you ask………………………………….Uh does the word devoured mean anything!

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  1. totally feel your pain! i'm 4'11'' and weight comes on so fast! i have to cut weight for sailing, so i do Arbonne Figure 8 Shakes. they actually really do work! good luck!


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