Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ma’am can you tell me how to get to the movie theatre parking garage?

On Sunday morning, MIL (mother-in-law) and I were out and about roaming the streets of Buckhead.  We had gotten up early that morning, drank coffees in the lobby, enjoyed (never mind, got through) a workout in the fitness center, and eaten On the Boarder for lunch. 

We made a stop at Old Navy (I picked up that fur vest I wanted!) and TJ’s (which we spent approximately 3 hours).  It was a pretty nasty day so MIL bought us matching Totes umbrellas so we could walk back to the hotel without being totally drenched!

As we made our way through the big buildings and up the sidewalks to the Hyatt, we were stopped by a green jeep with two men.  The passenger rolled down his window and said, “Ma’am (which MIL hates to hear), can you tell me how to get to the movie theatre parking garage?” 

Now is probably a good time to mention that both MIL and I are… how you say….directionally challenged.  On top of the fact that neither of us are from nor have ever lived in Atlanta.  May I also add, that just the day before MIL and I were discussing seeing a movie and were trying to figure out where the theatre was located!

Continuing the story…..

MIL says very politely, “Excuse me?”  (Like she didn’t hear the question the first time, now I know she was staling.).  The gentleman repeats the question, and MIL confidently answers, “Ohhhhh, just go down through these buildings and take a right.  Then you’re going to see a big red canopy and when you do, go ahead and take a left.  You’ll see the parking garage right there in front of you.”  He tells his driver the route, thanks MIL for her help, and speeds off to find the garage.

I’m very impressed (almost baffled) that she knew; the day before we didn’t even know how to find the theatre, more less the parking garage!! Anyway, I say how nice she was to give them those directions, and as she speeds up our walk she looks at me and says…Yeah, it would have been real nice, but I just sent them to DSW! 

We fell out, almost peed on ourselves and could barely walk to the hotel!!  She said she thought they may try to grab us if we didn’t tell them how to get there and I’m screaming… these matching leopard umbrellas are really going to give us away when they come back for us after they realize you sent them to a shoe store! She says she just couldn’t think straight…it was the only place she knew how to get to!!  I’m thinking... No directions are probably slightly better than wrong directions, wouldn't you agree!! 

Poor guys, they never saw it coming.. two nice women... carrying leopard umbrellas...I hope they didn't miss their movie. Hahahahhahahahaha...I'm still dying laughing!


  1. OMG that is so funny! I love that she thought they would be mad if she just said she didn't know how to get there.

  2. Your MIL sounds hilarious!! love it!!


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