Friday, September 03, 2010

Football Party for TWO

Like most men, particularly in the south, my NWH is the biggest football junkie you’ll ever meet. I mean, he lives, breaths, and eats football. He knows every coach, every player, EVERYTHING about every team! Getting my drift??

So in our house (well apt), we’ve been counting down the days until the first college football game which happened last night. Our Alma Mater, Southern Miss, kicked of the season in a game against South Carolina, and unfortunately our eagles got drilled 41-13. Yes, it was ugly.

But even a loss couldn’t rain on our football excitement. I fixed a feast that included all the good tailgating food… pork tenderloin sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, ranch dip and scoops, cheese trey, trash, nuts, chips and salsa, need I go on? It was a party for two!

The first College Game Day is Saturday and yes NWH and I will wake up singing and dancing to the song we have waited all summer to hear….

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  1. Sooo excited about football season. Sad to see summer leave but Saturdays are so exciting from Aug-Nov!


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