Sunday, September 05, 2010

got blog FEVER!!

I have been a blogger for approximately one week and two days and all I can say is OBSESSED!  Yes, I know it may be hard to understand...hahahaha!! I can not believe I have gone this long without a freaking BLOG. 

Yesterday my NWH kept saying...Are you blogging?  Are you STILL blogging?  What are you looking at now?  He was truly amazed at my blog fever!! 

I must give a shout out to my FIRST FOLLOWERS!!  (Special love to Laraine)  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!  I think my neighbors heard me scream when I logged onto my dashboard and saw you.  Then I got my first comment and broke out into dance.  My NWH said... "You really are weird, Telia." 

So now that I'm completely sold, I have tons of questions.  I'd like to get my own button thing so that people can link to me, anyone know how to do that?  I signed up for that GoogleAd thing but have NO IDEA what that is!  And, I'd also like to make my blog LOOK better if anyone has any suggestions! 

PLEASE pro's I need help!


  1. Work it baby! You are doing a super fabulous blog job! Keep it going ...

  2. Isn't blogging completely addictive?! Love it. I have no idea how to do all those things you mentioned though. Sorry.


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