Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Word Wednesday: The Dress

 “The Dress.”

Lemme’ tell you about my wedding dress story.  Are you ready?  It’s a duzey.

I, like most brides, dreamed my entire life about my wedding dress.  Having been in a million pageants, a member of Cotillion and other social clubs, I have had my fair share of beautiful gowns; but this one had to be different.  It had to be PERFECT.

Perfect style for my body, perfect color for my skin, perfect material for the occasion, and perfect details for the season.  Most importantly I wanted my dress to reflect ME.  When people saw me in that wedding gown, I wanted them to say, “That is SO Telia.” 

I had visited a few shops but none of the dresses fit the bill.  So one day I popped into this little bridal boutique (all by myself mind you) and claimed I was just “looking.”  Then I decided it wouldn’t hurt to JUST try-on a few, right??

The first one, I loved, the second one, I loved more, and the third one was the winner.  Then I tried on the fourth and realized I had made a mistake about the third…this was THE ONE. 

It was a white silk, A-line dress with a huge one-loop bow on the right of my back.  The bow stretched from the top of my shoulder all the way down the length of my chapel train.  Across my back was a tiny strain of beads connecting one side of the dress to the other.  It was gorgeous, and SOOOOOoooooo ME!

My dad paid for and ordered the dress on January 8th.  The sales lady approximated the delivery to take 10-12 weeks.  This meant March 12th would be the absolute latest that I would receive my dress.   Well… March 12th came and went and not only did I not have a wedding dress, I had not heard from the lady at the dress shop since January. 

I called the following week and asked about the status of my gown.  The owner clearly had not even thought about me or my dress.  She said she’d contact the designer and call me back.  Days went by…. no phone call.  So…I called her.  She said the dress would arrive no later than Friday, March 26th.  March 26th rolls around and guess what….you got it, still no dress. 

Now this is when it gets a little PG-13.  When I received the call that the dress still was not ready, momma (that’s my mother) took matters into her own hands.  I’m not exactly sure what was said in the conversation between dress shop lady and momma, but I know the words LIAR, LAWYER, MAKE-YOU-WISH-YOU-NEVER-OWNED-A-DRESS-SHOP, were all said.

More weeks go by and now we’re at the end of April.  Mind you, my wedding is June 5th.  So whatever, the dress finally comes in the first of May.  I go to pick up by VERY EXPENSIVE DESINGER gown and the dress is unrecognizably-wrinkled.  The dress shop lady did not even take the time to dry iron my silk wedding gown! 

Long story short, I had to have the dress totally remade because it was two sizes too big.  I had to bring it to another woman who so graciously ironed it for me and in the midst of all of this; the dress shop lady called and made me break down into a dry-heaving fit in the middle of the restaurant. 

In the end I got married, loved my dress, and lived happily ever after but boy what a story!

P.S. Sorry post is so late!  I had that interview today, I'll tell ya'll about that tomorrow. It went GOOD!!


  1. Oh no ma'am! I would have started with my best southern guilt trip/threats and if that didn't work I would do what M calls "get a little RED on her".

  2. What a gorgeous dress, and the back is amazing!!

  3. that dress is incredible! it was definitely worth the trouble....i'm so glad you shared the back shot too. i've never seen one with such a unique bow design! you made a gorgeous bride my dear! love your cutie pie blog so much!

  4. Thank ya'll!! I'm so glad you like my dress. Uhg, but what about the mess I went through! You're right kLl, I should have gown "a little red" but all I could do was CRY!! hahahahaha


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