Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Interview: What to Wear????

NWH was off today and we’ve had a wonderful Monday!  Coffee and blueberry muffins for breakfast, Panera Bread for lunch, and my specialty (Zatarain’s) jambalaya for dinner tonight, (why does the highlight of my day revolve around food????)

We also made a run through Target (the mother of all stores) .  We needed just a few items from the grocery aisles, but the most important reason for the excursion to Tar-jey was to pick up a few “interview” pieces. 

Unfortunately the majority of my closet’s professional wear is very springing/summery.  I tried on all my suits and jackets this morning and they were either white, orange, or pink.  Although it’s as hot as (#?@*) I mean summer outside (yes, it was 93 degrees today), I’d like to DRESS like its mid-September, especially for THIS interview.

So when you think about an interview you automatically think….SUIT.  But you have to remember my profession is not only in education, it's MUSIC education; and to some degree interviewees' dress should reflect their occupation (just take it up a notch).

There’s no substitution for professionalism, but I also want to look like I am ready and able to take a classroom position (that means running around like a chicken with their head cut off) along with showing the creative and talented musician I am.  So I chose these pieces for my interview.  What do you think???

(Thank goodness I already own these)

Don't have these yet, but I think they would be perfect!!

And of course, my leather portfolio (leave the purse in the car for this one).

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