Monday, September 27, 2010

ATL trip was FAB!! Look What I FOUND

I’m back from ATL and what a FAB time we had!! This will be the first of many posts (I’m sure) that report the HYSTERICAL stories of our mini-vacay.  But since I’m washing clothes and unpacking this one will be short. 

Look at what I found at Marshall’s!!  I know, I know…they weren’t on the list of three little bitty teeny weeny things, but I just couldn’t resist.  I’ve been wanting nude pumps forever and these were so comfy.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  When I got them back to the hotel, NWH said.. “Are they 40 dollars cute?”  I’m thinking, hello, they are Franco Sarto and ONLY 40 little one dollar bills!!

P.S. Just wait for tomorrow's post.  It has something to do with MIL(mother-in-law)+drive by car+directions=extreme laughter!!


  1. those shoes are so cute! I am on the hunt for nude high heels too!!

  2. Franco Sarto for only 40 is a HUGE bargain! Love Marshalls!

  3. Thanks Jill! Check out your local Marshall's.. you may get lucky!!

    You ain't kidding, Sara Louise. I love finding good shoes at half the cost!!



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