Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wedding Word Wednesday: Showers

Okay, since most of my followers (all 7 of you, hahahahaha) probably don’t care about hearing about Wedding *stuff* all week long, I think I’m going to reserve Wednesday’s for Wedding talk and the other 6 days of the week for everything else in life, sound good?

So today’s Wedding Word was inspired by the great Preppy Pink Crocodile. (Shout out to you PPC, and everyone else she has a great blog, so check her out!)

The word is……………………Showers

You know those “so-called” parties where you get the presents you registered for AND the presents you never-would-in-a-million-years register for. I swear to you, you will get something that makes you think “What….. in the WORLD….. where they THINKING!!??’

Anyway, PPC posted about Super Baby, a 1 year old b-day party she attended when someone (an adult) opened the cutely-wrapped gift that she brought (and made). It wasn’t the mom and it sure wasn’t the baby. She was furious, and I don’t blame her!

But I have a confession….. a BIG confession….. an AWFUL confession…..

This happened at one of my wedding showers.

Now, let me explain. The first shower came, and I was SOOOO excited. Mostly I couldn’t wait to see friends and family. When the shower began, I was sitting front and center of a huge circle. There were about 30 people there and it felt like 130! Their eyes felt like lasers piercing through my face (okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic). One-by-one the presents came, every giver patiently waiting for their gift to be opened and wanting to witness the expression on my face.

I found myself repeating things like, “Oh my gosh, this is awesome!” “Wow, we’ll really enjoy this,” “This is beautiful,” “This is gorgeous,” “Thank you,” “Thank you,” “No, really, Thank you.”

OMG!!!! I was trying to be funny, trying to vary my words, trying not to sound fake, trying to make everyone feel like I L-O-V-ED their gift. It was over-whelming, awkward, and just about as fun as watching eggs boil! And don’t get me wrong, I am all for attention. I’ve been in pageants, plays, I sing, I’m an attention lover but NOT that kind!

So the next shower was given by my co-workers. I expressed my previous shower’s hilarious experience to my office manager (just thinking I was being funny) Next thing I know, I arrive at my shower and all of my friend’s presents are being confiscated at the door. In my defense, I had no idea this was happening.

You know what happens next..after food and conversation, my co-workers lead me to a back bedroom. My friend’s squeeze into the master suit only to see all of their beautiful gifts UN-WRAPPED and lying on a bed. I thought my mother was going to pass out.

(This is actually me, and those are actually the presents on the bed, gasp)

So in the end I didn’t have to unwrap the present, per say, but I still had to pick up each gift and gawk at it! I felt so bad for everyone. I could tell they were thinking (W@#). This is definitely NOT the way you want a shower to go…sorry friends and family of the co-worker shower!


  1. I HATE opening presents in front of people because I can't stand having to give a big reaction (unless I really really love something and can't help myself but to squeal). But as a well-trained southern girl I would be like your mother and pass out ha! It sounds like they combined the shower with the Sip & See.

    So are you a UT fan?? I'm so excited for the game!

  2. kLl, my NWH is a huge fan. He was born in Nashville and now his mom lives in Knoxville. I have no choice but to be fan..hahahaha! But really, I love the town and the team!

  3. That is hilarious! I think what I love most is that everyone had to squeeze into the bedroom for presents. Makes it all even funnier.

    I know it's popular in the south though. But I live in NY. And I was miffed! Ha.

  4. just found your corner of the i'm your newest follower! would love to make your acquaintance! xoxo


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