Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the only down side of spring/ summer getting here

Everyone was so sweet about my living room!!  Ya’ll make me want to post more pictures of my cute little apt!!  But I guess I will save that for next Home Tour Tuesday…

So I have decided that the only down side of spring/ summer getting here is that I will no longer be able to wear these…

I absolutely love my Ugg Kona’s.  NWH bought these for me a few years ago when we were headed to Denver for MIL’s 50th Birthday celebration.  It was one COLD December in Colorado but these kept me so warm and comfy.  I just about live in them day-to-day throughout the fall and winter.  What do ya’ll think about these summery Uggs?


  1. well, I love the clogs and i think the boots would be so cool with the right outfit:)

  2. I like the Nayami sandals, they remind me of gladiator sandals! I bet they're comfy, too!

  3. I already have 3 pairs of UGGS and am already searning for my another pair! Wouldn't mind that first pair pictured!!

    Happy Thursday Dear! xo


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