Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Mrs. Paula

Dear Mrs. Paula,

I tried another one of your recipes last night and it was simply delish!  Those sweet yet smoky bacon-chicken wraps were PERFECT.  NWH raved about how good they were and said these were a must for future game-watching parties.   

I’m always a little nervous when I try something different (constantly praying while cooking), but you have proven time and time again that I can count on you!!  And I’m not sure if it’s because you’re a true Southern cook, but you know just what NWH and I like and I thank you!! 


P.S. I actually met Paula and her sons, Bobbie and Jamie, in Savannah a few years ago.  MIL, J-Man, NWH and I went for a little vacay.  I was a little star-struck when she got to me so all I remember is her thinking I was 13 years old ( I was 21) and MIL grabbing her hands screaming how much she loved Paula! Hahahahahaha ;)


  1. YEA for you! You're doing great with trying new recipes and impressing your husband with your new skills :)


  2. I love Paula, in my book she can do no wrong!!

  3. I love Paula! That recipe sounds delish!

  4. I did make the chicken, it was really good...the first time I have ever roasted a chicken.

    I think I am going to make your chicken recipe tomorrow for dinner. I am going to cut the chicken into strips instead of bite size pieces then it can be the entree instead of an appetizer. It sounds so yummy


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