Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Loving LIFE!!

I’m coming back!!  Not only to my blog but also to my HOME!!  It’s a long crazy… and I mean CRAZY story, and maybe when I’m feeling extra brave I’ll share; but the most important thing is that I’m packing my leopard print  bags and heading back home.  In only two days I will be with my honey in my cute apartment just loving my life!!

I’m still going to be working (the dentist office wants me to work from home), but this way I’ll be with my husband 7 days a week instead of only 3!!   I miss him so much.  This whole thing has been a learning experience, and I know deep in my heart everything has a reason.

We have a fun weekend planned with my MIL and J-Man.  We’re heading out Saturday morning to do some serious retail damage and have reservations for dinner Saturday night celebrating Valentines.  They’ll be lots of good wine flowing and tasty food coming! 

P.S. I can’t wait to get back into your lives and blogs!!  I've missed you!!

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  1. Telia, I am so glad your back!! I was getting worried about you girl:) It's a very good thing to be with your hubby 7 days a week

    Welcome Back!!! We all missed you


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