Friday, April 01, 2011

Evidently, they are a hot commodity right now.

In my search for a low-fat/ low-cal dessert (remember the soufflé’s were not so yummy), NWH and I have been eating strawberry shortcake parfaits for the past few nights.   These things are delish! 

Since making them, I’ve seen recipes all over the internet and on television shows. Evidently, they are a hot commodity right now.

Mine were pretty simple.  I made a box of sugar free instant vanilla pudding, sliced a carton of strawberries and marinated them in 3 tablespoons of splenda.  I chopped store bought shortcakes into cubes and layered the cake with pudding, then with strawberries, and a hipping spoonful of sugar free whipped cream on top!  YUM!

P.S. Unfortunately these aren't my pictures (pictures via google), but I promise mine tasted just as good as these look!!  Happy Friday!!

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  1. I love anything with fresh strawberries!! yummy


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