Sunday, April 03, 2011

Call it a Southern Tradition or just spoiled

Yes, I am the adult that still gets an Easter Dress.  Call it a Southern Tradition or just spoiled, but I look forward to getting a new springing dress every year! 

Now I’ll admit, there have been a many of Easter Sunday’s that have passed where 40 degree temperatures kept the new dress in the closet, but with a date like April 24th, I’m hoping to get to where this one.

It’s from Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohl’s and I LOVE IT!  I belt just about everything anyway, but my favorite detail is the cutout in the back with the bow detail.  Here are a two more of her dresses, there are so classy to me!


  1. I say Southern tradition! I love your dress! I've never checked out her line, but I love all of those!

  2. I treat myself to an Easter dress every year too!!

  3. Tradition ~ a wonderful treat after such a long winter. Sadly, it's often still too cold here in the north for those lovely dresses.



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