Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wedding Word Wednesday: Invitations

Invitations are actually one of the more costly parts of a wedding.  There are so many components.  You have the invitation, the outer and inner envelopes, the enclosures like directions and/or reception information along with the RSVP card, the RSVP envelope, stamps for the invitation and stamps for the RSVP cards, Whew!  Oh, and one more thing... the calligraphy. 

So instead of ordering invitations from a high-end boutique or even from online resources, I found invitations like these at William Arthur from Vera Wang’s collection and used them to inspire my own design.  That’s right, I designed my OWN invitations.  I took them to a local commercial print shop and instead of spending over $5 an invitation, I only spent 63 cents!  Did you hear me… 63 cents per invite that included all the envelopes, enclosures, etc!

Here's mine (minus some names and places I took out for protection, but you get the idea!)


  1. I love that you designed your own invitations!!

    Oh and the chicken was delicious, it's a keeper. My husband said last night, "you know if you made the chicken bite size these would be great appetizers too" I had to let him know that they actually are supposed to be apps.

  2. What a great idea! I love your invitations! I love the B at the top--so classy!


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