Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wintry white rear-end by the pool

Hey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been MIA, but NWH had the weekend off, and we jammed packed it with as much stuff (fun stuff of course) as we could.  The weather was just gorgeous here!  It got up to 80 on Friday, and it was all she wrote for this girl… I had my wintry white rear-end by the pool soaking up some sun.

The Hockey game was Friday night.

We spent all day at our outdoor mall Saturday, walking around shopping, sipping cold beverages, and listening to live music. 

Then Saturday evening we ate P.F. Changs and watched a movie.

Sunday was a day of rest, phew, but we did manage to run a few errands, pop in Bed Bath, grocery shop, and grill out for dinner.  OOOO look what we got Saturday, its NWH’s new toy.  This is so the fire alarm doesn’t go off every time we try to cook something in the apt! ha!

This week, I’m headed to South Mississippi to help my niece (the one who visited for Spring Break) try out of cheerleader.  Oh lordy does this bring back memories.  Say a prayer for her (and me)!!

Hope everyone has a fab week!

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