Tuesday, March 08, 2011


So the niece and I are having a ball (well at least I am!).  Saturday evening when she got here, NWH and I took her to Outback (she was amazed that it’s literally less than a mile from our home, her family has to drive an hour to the nearest one).  Next up, a little round of glow-in-the-dark bowling! 

Sunday morning we were off to church, then lunch at Atlanta Bread, then SHOPPING!  She got her first VS bra and the cutest pair of jean shorts from Hollister (who fits into that stuff).  Sunday night, we did a crab boil and rented “Unstoppable” with my man, Denzel.

Yesterday, I had to work, but she was a good sport.  We worked out during lunch, and after 5 we headed to the salon for some mani’s, ordered pizza for dinner and watched… you know it… The Bachelor!  Then she raded my closest and is going home with WAY more than she came with!

Tomorrow it’s dinner at Connor's and a movie at the Monico, her mom picks her up Thursday.  Two more days but can I just say…. I’m WHOOPED! 

P.S. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  Back to some regular posts when my duty of “Super-Aunt” is over! Ha!


  1. your niece is so lucky to have you!! My kids are especially close to my sister Jessica and I love it!!

    P.S. I am making the Paula Deen chicken you posted last week tonight for dinner. I am making the chicken meal size instead of appetizer size

  2. You sound like such a fun aunt! I have one aunt that I do a lot of stuff with, and I am so grateful to have her! I hope you have a chance to relax this weekend!


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