Thursday, November 18, 2010

that’s what vacay is all about right!

NWH and I just got back from a fabulous 5 day trip in the Bahamas!  It was my first ever cruise and I must was pretty wonderful.  It’s absolutely amazing to be hundreds of miles away from land and to be surrounded by nothing but the massive blue sea. 

We made a stop at Nassau which is breathtaking.  There we snorkeled in the coral reef (um, the water was quite FREEZING), walked around Atlantis, shopped in the straw market, and ate lunch at the famous Senior Frogs.  Then we headed to Freeport where we played on the sandy beach and in the crystal clear water. 

Of course we ate AND drank too much, but that’s what vacay is all about right!?  At least I got a little tan.  Maybe it’ll hide the extra 20 pounds I gained! 

P.S. The only negative...NWH and I still feel like we're rocking on the boat.  I'll let you know when that wears off. Hahahaha :)


  1. welcome home. We took our kids on a cruise to the Bahamas about 2 years ago, we had a blast. I got the cutest straw bag at the market. I also had vertigo for about 2 weeks!!

  2. It sounds like your cruise was so much fun! Welcome back!


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