Monday, November 08, 2010

I missed the wrath of the doctors.

So my new job…well new/old job is Personnel Director at a family dental practice. I started working for Family Dentistry my junior year of college and literally have worked every spot in the office since that first summer.

I started at check in and learned how to confirm patients and enter information into the computer system.  I then moved to check out and practiced my skills at financial coordinating, filing insurances, and providing financial agreements with patients.  My final years were spent assisting the office manager paying bills, handling marketing and public relationships, along with end of the month reports. 

Although I did so much in these years, I never was a full time employee (except for the summers) which means I missed the wrath of the doctors.

So today, one of the doctors called me into his office and began to explain all of this to me.  Yes, explain.  He pointed out that I always do I great job, but now that I am in management there may come a period in time when he’ll have to get onto me.  (Side note, he is THE doctor that everyone well…tries to avoid because he has a tendency to “get on to”). He then proceeded to say that when it does come time to chastise or correct me I should know that he’s not intentionally going to hurt my feelings. 

What does this mean….I’ve got my first real-life-full-time-chewing-out coming.  I am pretty sure he has it marked on the calendar for this week.  And I’m also pretty sure the 20 minute conversation was intended to prepare me for the glorious moment. 

I’ll keep ya’ll posted…say prayers for me!


  1. Oh no! Crossing my fingers that things work out OK!!

  2. Sending love and prayers your way xoxo


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