Tuesday, November 02, 2010


My life has seriously been C—R—A—Z—Y!  Where do I even start to fill ya’ll in!!  For starters I am now living and working in South Mississippi while NWH is still in North Alabama (not exactly how you PLAN to spend the first year of marriage).  I just hope he doesn’t get too used to living without me!!

Despite the distance we are doing great! We are both working hard, saving money, and looking forward to our weekends together.   

I never heard from that education job, but my dentist office welcomed me back with opened arms and made me Personnel Director which I absolutely love!!  There is nothing like working with friends in an environment that you know like that back of your hand.  I get most of my work done by Thursdays and am able to have extra long 3 day weekends! (Who doesn’t love a four day week??)

I am living with friends who have so graciously let me into their home and am waiting on the bank to close on our new house!  We didn’t get that cute bungalow, but we did get a brand new (never been lived in) home for the same amount of money we would have spend on the 1950’s place!  The builder lost the home and it was foreclosed on so we struck an awesome deal.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to share pics with ya’ll.

So there’s a small update, I’m so sorry it has been so long. As soon as I get back into somewhat of a routine, I’ll be back!  I have kept up with most of you.  I just never have time to comment!  I hope that changes soon. Love ya’ll ;)


  1. Big congrats on the new/old job! Can't wait to see photos of the new home!

  2. Life has a way of getting in the way :) SO happy to hear that things are falling into place. I'll keep you both in my prayers that you'll soon be together in your new home. Speaking of ... can't wait to see more photos.

    Be well sweetie!

  3. That house is adorable! I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I hope you and your husband get to move back in together soon!

  4. Good to hear from you, I was wondering what was going on!! Congrats on the house. Post some pic's soon!!!


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