Friday, August 27, 2010

Tacos Gown Fancy

To set the stage, I should mention that my mother is known for her talent in the kitchen. Not only did she grow up cooking for two sisters, she's a dietitian (which means she cooks and plans meals for a living). Basically the woman knows how to make anything taste great! I have witnessed her take 10 random ingredients, put them in a pot and feed an army.

With her talent, there was never a need to help in the kitchen growing up. I did try once by pretending to be on the Food Network. I made a pot of chili and acted like the TV cooks by adding a little dash of this and a little pinch of that; after it was finished I think I all but emptied my mom’s spice rack.

These first few months of marriage have really challenged me and forced me to practice in the kitchen. Now tonight’s menu is just tacos, but wait till you see how I've learned to turn a simple meal into an oh so elegant dining experience with a few presentation tricks!

The only things you need for a taco dinner are the following:

1. Skillet for browning the meat and mixing the seasoning. We received the Emerald's pots and pans as a wedding gift and I absolutely love them!

2. A collier for draining the meat.

3. A box of Old El Paso taco dinner kit (my husband likes hard shells and I like the soft so we get the box with both!)

4. The extras: lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, taco sauce, etc.

5. Utensils for stirring and serving.

Now, just follow the directions on the box. Don't forget to drain the meat, and I learned this one the hard can't drain it in the sink. It's grease and it must be drained over the garbage can.

Once your meat is brown and you've added the taco seasoning, cover your pan at let it simmer on low. The longer the meat sets in the sauce the better the tacos taste!

Another wedding gift we received that takes even a o dinner to the next level is this pewter 4 section serving tray. Put all the "extras" in this tray. I put this on the table that way my husband and I can make our own tacos the way we want them!

Setting up the dining room is easy with a few things. Because I have a round dining table, I use round place mats on bottom followed by round silver chargers and then round "midnight palm" plates. A chocolate napkin on the right side of each setting along with a fork completes the table setting! See how fancy tacos can be!


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