Friday, October 01, 2010

“Sophisticated Casual”

I could watch HGTV all day, walk around Pier 1 for hours, and look at the same Restoration Hardware catalog 30 times (really, I already have)!  I am obsessed with home décor.  I didn’t say I was great at it nor do I know a lot about it, but I LOVE it! 

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve noticed that I’m drawn mostly to design blogs, (although I never post about it).   I love Better After, design*dump, and a new one I just found called The Painted Home. 

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed some of you other fab bloggers talking about home style too.  Thrifty Decor Chick posted yesterday about her “Suburban Style.”  (Go check it out, she lets us in to her beautiful home).  On Wednesday, Southern-bell-simple asked Homestyle:  What’s yours?

So all this has me thinking…exactly what is MY interior fashion?  Do you have to decide?  Is it important to know?

So I did what any other person in the world would do… I googled it.

I wanted to know if there were definitions to design style and this led me to a design quiz by Real Simple (love that website). It’s a real simple (get  it, real simple, hahaha) 10-question quiz which asks you to choose the pictures that you like best, easy peasy!

After I completed the questionnaire, my results reviled that I was “Sophisticated Classic.”  An elegant blend of refined traditional furniture, jewelry-like accessories, and pale hues. Patrician old-world elements pair with cleaner Art Deco shapes. The look evokes a more formal lifestyle. Think Grace Kelly, Tiffany & Co., and Charlotte from Sex and the City. 

While I was flattered by the description, this picture was a little over the top for me!  And to be honest freaked me out a bit.  Although I do like certain elements in this photo, the mirror, the clean lines, the lamps, it's all a little too stiff for my taste!  And those blue lion things are...well...interesting.

I was also high on the “Cozy Casual.”  The stores that were listed for this style are my loves:  Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, etc.  Though for me, this picture is a little too comfortable and there's too much going on for my liking, but I love that molding and the large windows!

So I’ve decided, I'm somewhere in the middle of these two.  I’m a... “Sophisticated Casual.”  It really is who I am.  I love to feel comfortable and cozy in a space or in life, but I like it amped up a bit, in a classy kind of way.  Does that make since?

Click (here) to take the quiz yourself and find your own personal style.  Report back to me, I’d love to hear your results and thoughts!!  FUN FUN!!

P.S. Sorry the post is a little late; I’ve been fighting a virus.   Not in my my freakin’ COMPUTER!!!


  1. wow, you are so creative to do this! way to take something and make it your own! thanks for giving me a mention....i can't wait to see more of your sophisticated casual style! have a great weekend lovebug! xoxo

  2. Aw.. thanks Kate! That sure was a sweet message. You have a great weekend too!!

  3. I love the architectural pieces over the sofa in the top photo!

  4. Me too PPC! I'm always looking for art like that, but never can find it! That pic is from Pottery Barn. I guess I should have mentioned that, ha!


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