Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cookies with Flava and Football Style

I think I have previously mentioned my need to bring something (normally edible something’s) with me every time I go somewhere.  This can definitely be linked to my mom who, I swear, carries complete meals in the trunk of her car!

So this weekend we are heading to South Mississippi for HOMECOMING!!!  I’m so excited I could just scream.  NWH has taken off the entire weekend.  We’ll get to see friends and family, some we haven’t seen since our wedding, 4 months ago. 

We tailgate for hours with friends who own gorgeous motor homes, then we ride golf carts over to the East Club where we sit in a  beautiful glassed in room that runs the length of the football field.   They serve drinks and food,  and well basically it’s just one big par—tey! 

So back to bringing food.  My NWH and I are obsessed with these monster cookies.  (Can you tell, I think they’ve been in like 3 of my posts this week).    NWH said that we should bring them with us this weekend to contribute to the tailgating food (hahaha, now I have him thinking we should always bring something). 

Then I started thinking about how to package them.  I hate just putting cookies and cakes in those ugly plastic containers.  So I thought about cookies jars….hmmmm…..

So I went to the thrift store for inspiration and found these…..for a mere 50 cents apiece.  (Soaked them in hot soapy water for an hour), bought ribbon in our school's colors, and well....look how cute these are!!

These + this

= this

+ these

=  cookies with flava and football style!!

P.S.  Since we'll be staying at a friend's house this weekend, they'll get treats too! 

P.S.S.  Won't these be great for the holidays by just adding Christmas ribbon and little dangling ornaments?  I'm so ready for Christmas!! Can you tell??


  1. Those are just so cute! What a sweet little treat! Have an amazing time at homecoming! I love tailgating and football games!

  2. How cute!! Have an awesome time this weekend. Nothing is more fabulous than a southern tailgate.

  3. absolutely love the cookie jars! What a fabulous idea!!! I would definitely love the recipe for your spaghetti chili!


  4. Such a great idea! I feel like I need to try these cookies!

  5. you MUST stop posting about the monster cookies, I am so close to making them and if I do, then I will eat them! You already have me completely obsessed with now I am becoming obsessed with cookies:)

    your cookie jars are really cute. Have a great weekend


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